Change is Inevitable for Everyone on the Planet

This past year has been one of many changes. When the year started out, I thought I was headed in one direction. Then life, as well as COVID-19, happened and my life went into a willow sort of flexibility and fluidity like water flowing down a stream. I have had to be flexible and fluid not only my writing career, but my health care career as well. 

For four years, I set my sites on becoming a HIM professional. My goal was to become a coder or maybe even a supervisor/director of a HIM department where I worked. I went to school, received my degree and my RHIT certification. Graduating from the top of my class, I had no idea it wouldn't make a lick of difference in the place where I worked. They had an agenda and that didn't include me. I could have done the job and would have made a good supervisory professional. It wasn't to be. After multiple lies, I transferred to another position in the hospital, where I have been for over ten months. It's not the role I wanted, but my coworkers respect me and that's enough.

On the writing front, I got another book published. It has been quite the job to get the book before readers. I was in the midst of writing it when the COVID lockdowns began. We still managed to get the book released in September, but it has been an uphill battle to promote the book. My publisher has been great. The week I had book signings, I was evacuated from my home because of a huge wildfire and the book signing that was to be held in Fort Collins had to be done virtually because the bookstore shut down because of COVID. I stayed at my daughter's house and did the virtual event on her computer. 

I have told people I'm not a fan of change. It makes me uncomfortable, but over the past year, I have learned to take things in stride, bend, flow, and change when I've needed to. I feel more change is coming. I am up to it. I feel I have grown in the process of change. As human beings, I feel that is one of our attributes, our ability to adapt no matter what life throws at us. 

I don't know what the next year will bring, much less the next few months or even days. From my writing career to my health care one, I will do what I have to do, when I have to do it, change, flow, adapt as needed.  

To be human is to be constantly in flux, in the process of change. When we grow, we change. We aren't the same people today as we were yesterday. As long as we are alive, there will be change. It's part of life and I wouldn't have it any other way. We have to be like willows, bendable, and like water, fluid.

Until next time, stay bendable, keep flowing, and creatively doing whatever keeps you alive!!

Best~ Deborah


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