People Part 2

Wow! The last two weeks blew right passed me. I forgot about doing this blog until Friday and I had crawled into bed. Sorry, I missed the last two week's post, but hopefully, we can move forward this week. I hope you made your list and you are ready to rock and roll.

This week, I want you to choose three of the people on your list and write a short scene about them. It might be considered a story, but just a short one. A snippet if you will of something you remember them doing or saying. Below is an example.

Uncle Johny
My Uncle Johny is my dad's youngest brother. He and I had a lot in common. We loved to read. My uncle received his doctorate through taking correspondence courses before they were popular. He joined the Navy when he was young and became a Navy Seal. According to family reports, he became sick when he was over in Korea and it grew into Crohn's Disease. He died about 15 years ago. He lived int he same town as my parents. When I would go up to visit them, I would always pop in to see him. We would exchange information on the latest books we were reading. I didn't know it at the time, but this particular visit would be the last time I saw him. He had a library just like I do. After we talked about books, he got on his ladder and was looking for a Louis Lamar book he wanted me to read. "I plan on getting on that New York Times Best Seller's List some day," I told him as I watched him climb the ladder. "Of course you will," he told me never missing a beat as his search continued. He didn't pause, didn't hesitate, didn't laugh at me like some of my other family members had done in the past when I mentioned it to them. His was a precise and definite affirmation.

When you're writing these small sketches, don't worry about grammar, spelling, or anything that can be cleaned up later. Just get the picture of the person and what happened in your head and write about it. I want you to be in the moment you were with the person.

Besides the short scene, I want you to list your persons' characteristics, what they looked like, what they believed in, what they stood for, and if you know or remember what they did for a living.

So, three people, one scene, list of descriptions, beliefs, what they did for a living each.

Next week, we'll continue on with our people study.



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