Trust Yourself

Everybody has dreams. Maybe yours is getting published, being on the bestseller's list, being financially set for life, perhaps winning the lottery. I have a lot of dreams and goals. On occasion, I have purchased lottery tickets. I usually pick my own numbers. I have a little system I learned from a friend of mine who has won $20,000 at least three times in the nine years I have known her.

Recently, I ran across another guy who, according to reports, has won the lottery (I'm talking big money) seven or eight times. He has a system too. I haven't done too badly on my choice of numbers, but thought I'd give his system a try. I did and after not getting even one number from his picks, I said, "that's it. I'm done." It was then I heard a little voice in my head. "Trust yourself."

At first, I laughed. I had heard that voice before. I had even used similar words when I was talking to a friend about a circumstance I was going through. "As long as I have control of the situations in my life and don't hand that control over to someone else, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to," I said. "I just trust myself and things happen."

Throughout my life, in certain "circumstances" I have given that control away. That has always gotten me into trouble. I have learned if I set goals for myself and other people "hold the puppet strings", they are the ones in control of my life. Just like those lottery ticket numbers. I was playing, but someone else had all the power because I was using his numbers, not my own.

The next day, I used my own numbers and won back my original investment. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough to make a point and that was trusting myself is where my power truly lies.

I feel this philosophy should carry over in all areas of our lives, publishing included. Many years ago, I was in a private writing class. I had written a story and took it to class to be critiqued. My classmates chewed that story up and spit it out. They told me it would never get published because for one, it was too personal. There were other reasons, but I felt it was a good story, so I cleaned it up and sent it out. On my third submission, Lady's Circle bought the piece and by fall, the story was in print.

So, if you want to write a book, write it. If you feel inclined to write an article and you feel it's worthy, submit it. Don't let anybody tell you not to or let them control the direction you want your project to go. Trust yourself. The payoff in the end may be bigger than you could possibly imagine.

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